Changes in TV channels

A new licence period for the terrestrial TV network begun on 17 May 2017. The majority of the TV channels in the terrestrial network are still available in the new licence period. Some channels moved from one multiplex to another causing their broadcasting frequencies to change. To continue viewing these channels, viewers need to run a channel search on their TV set. The coverage areas of some channels changed, which means that some viewers receive fewer channels than before.

For more information on the changes, visit Digita's website. (in Finnish)

Terrestrial pay-TV channels in the UHF band are transmitted on multiplexes B and F with the new DVB-T2 broadcasting technology. On these multiplexes, programmes are only broadcast from the main transmission stations in the coverage area.

Programmes on multiplexes A, C and E, which use the DVB-T technology, can be mainly received via relay stations in the coverage area, as well.

To check the channels available in your region, visit Digita’s map service.

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Updated 22.06.2017

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