Information for antenna entrepreneurs

This page contains information on the changes in broadcasting channels during 2015-2016 per transmitter area and per multiplex in Digita's terrestrial TV network in the UHF frequency band and in Anvia's regional network for SveaTV in Ostrobothnia.

Along with the frequency changes, the broadcasts of the current multiplexes A, B, C, D, E and H and the regional SveaTV are transferred from channels 49–60 to channels 22–48.

Broadcasting channels in the Northern Finland and Kristinestad to be changed by 31 December 2015 [pdf, 25 KB]

Broadcasting channels in the Central and Eastern Finland to be changed by 30 April 2016 [pdf, 26 KB]

Broadcasting channels to be changed by 16 April 2016 [pdf, 125 KB]

Map of the main transmitter areas where the frequency changes can be carried out [pdf, 76 KB]

Map of the frequency in Anvia´s network [pdf, 77 KB]

Key words: Spectrum, Television, Terrestrial

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