Changes in the terrestrial network and HD broadcasts

The terrestrial television network undergoes frequency changes in 2015-2016. Some of the frequencies used for TV broadcasting are allocated to wireless broadband from the beginning of 2017.

Freely available terrestrial TV channels will migrate fully to a new broadcasting technology (DVB-T2) by 31 March 2020. Pay-TV channels will adopt the new broadcasting technology even earlier. The new broadcasting technology enables broadcasting of high-definition (HD) programmes or, alternatively, a higher number of programme channels with standard (SD) quality.

The frequency changes and transition to the new broadcasting technology only concern Digita's terrestrial TV network in the UHF band. DNA's terrestrial TV network in the VHF band already distributes all programmes using the DVB-T2 technology. The changes in frequencies and technologies do not affect cable, satellite or IPTV broadcasts.

Programmes available in the terrestrial TV network by multiplex (in Finnish):

Reception of programmes available in Digita's TV networks requires an UHF antenna, and reception of programmes available in DNA's TV networks a VHF antenna.

To receive the programmes of both networks, the viewer needs two separate antennas as provided in FICORA Regulation 65. However, the Regulation does not oblige anyone to install both antennas (unless required by Yle's must-carry obligation regarding HD broadcasts).

Antenna instructions [pdf, 1 MB] (in Finnish)

For more information on the regional schedules of frequency changes, see

Check if you are HD ready - watch the videos on FICORA's YouTube channel (in Finnish)

See also: - the ABC of HD broadcasting (in Finnish)

The changes in the terrestrial network are based on the Communications Policy Programme for Electronic Media (in Finnish), issued in 2012 by the Government as a report to the Parliament of Finland, as well as on international decisions.

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