Numbering recommendations and publications

The list below shows FICORA's recommendations and other publications concerning numbering, telephone number portability, barring categories in telecommunications, and technical implementation of charging.

The name of each regulation is also a link to the description page with detailed information on the publication in question. The description page also contains a link to the actual publication.

FICORA's recommendations (in Finnish)

Recommendation 203/2014 S: Sending of text messages to fixed telephone network subscriber numbers

Recommendation on barring services and foreign premium rate service numbers

Recommendation 316/2008 S: Procedures on disclosure of information to another service operator

Recommendation 315/2008 S: Connection-specific itemisation of calls further-connected from a directory inquiry service

Recommendation 314/2008 S: Portability of a telephone number between a fixed network and a mobile network

Recommendation 305/2005 S: Guidelines on connections based on CPS agreements

FICORA's other publications (in Finnish)

Procedures on telephone number portability

Report on the future of numbering

Opinion on the use of call origin information in the wholesale and retail pricing of access-priced calls

Implementation of charging in communications networks

Telephone number portability, fixed telephone network, technical network implementation

Text messages to voice telephony service numbers

Charging for SMS, MMS and WAP

Opinion on the routing of calls in the case of a customer with a ported number and parallel subscriptions

Business and special service numbers

Hexadecimal numbers in telephone network

Mobile number portability, technical network implementation

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Updated 22.11.2016

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