Targets and methods for steering and supervision

FICORA steers and supervises compliance with the provisions and regulations that apply to its field of activity. FICORA's steering and supervision applies to telecommunications operators, TV and radio operators, users of radio frequencies, postal operators, and several players related to electronic communications networks.

The matters of interpretation often concern how to define telecommunications and a telecommunications operator or other conveyance of communications. The last-mentioned is supervised by FICORA as of the beginning of 2015. FICORA does not supervise the content or marketing of communications. FICORA is in favour of preventive and extensive measures and also aims at improving the operational possibilities of companies.

Players subject to FICORA's regulation

The legislation supervised by FICORA concerns, among others:

  • traditional telecommunications operators - also in television and radio networks (telecommunications)
  • several commercial and non-commercial providers of communications networks and communications services which have not traditionally been perceived as telecommunications operators (telecommunications)
  • corporate or association customers that process their customers' identification data (corporate or association subscriber)
  • as of 1 January 2015, also other parties than telecommunications operators and corporate or association subscribers that convey electronic communications as a third party with regard to the parties to the communications (other communications provider)
  • housing companies and other holders of internal communications networks in real estate buildings
  • telecommunications and antenna contractors that install internal networks to real estate buildings
  • public authority networks
  • providers of directory inquiry services
  • providers of electronic remote controls (information society services)
  • users of radio frequencies
  • manufactures of radio and telecommunications terminal equipment and network equipment, importers, retailers, and inspection bodies
  • providers of a qualified certificate
  • providers of strong electronic identification
  • authorities responsible for authorities' information systems and telecommunications arrangements and companies that implement them
  • authorities and companies that process international classified information
  • inspection bodies of the information security of information systems and telecommunications arrangements
  • postal operators, particularly universal postal service

The legislation supervised by FICORA does not concern the content of communications at all, for example the content provided on the internet. However, requirements concerning the programme content have been imposed

  • on television and radio operators (television and radio operations), and
  • on providers of Video-on-Demand (VoD) services.

Further information on the interpretation of telecommunications

Proactive supervision

Examples of proactive supervision are

  • planning of radio frequencies, and related international and national stakeholder cooperation
  • drafting regulations specifying obligations in the legislation
  • imposing universal service obligations and obligations based on significant market power on telecommunications operators
  • drafting guidelines, recommendations and interpretation principles
  • sectoral working groups and other national stakeholder cooperation
  • drafting clarifications and reports
  • producing information concerning the sector and other monitoring of the development in the sector

The goals of FICORA's supervision

The goal is to

  • recognise problems in time and prevent them
  • settle matters in cooperation with players, but by ensuring the confidentiality of the information
  • act in such a manner that the effects of the measures are as effective as possible and apply to a large group
  • act flexibly in such a manner that unnecessary litigations are avoided
  • invest in steering and supervision of basic services
  • issue, always when necessary, a written decision which may be appealed to an administrative court.

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Updated 22.11.2016

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