Request for comments, notifications and surveys

On this page are listed all of FICORA's current surveys and notifications of supervision decisions. Current and archived request for comments are available on a separate page.


Notifications of FICORA's supervision decisions are published on FICORA's web page, if the decision cannot otherwise be sent to the object of the decision due to incomplete or incorrect contact information. Only the notification is published on the web page. The decision itself can be acquired from FICORA.

The appeal period for the decision begins to run one month after the notification has been published on FICORA's website. The notification can issued on the website by virtue of section 312 of the Information Society Code (917/2014) or by virtue of Section 17 a of the Finnish Domain Name Act (228/2003).


FICORA collects information and data from communications service providers with various surveys. The surveys are mainly conducted through an electronic data collection service in which answers can be submitted with an electronic questionnaire. FICORA uses the information and data in its steering and supervision activities. The data is also used for compiling statistics that are published in the Statistics and comparisons page of this website.

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Updated 08.06.2017

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