Conformity assessment of identification and trust services

Published 02.11.2016 | Updated 16.12.2016

The guideline covers the conformity assessment of identification and trust services as well as the content of assessment reports submitted to FICORA as a result of the assessment. In addition, a set of model criteria has been prepared to facilitate the assessments.

he Guideline is designed for assessment organisations performing conformity assessments of trust services and conformity assessment bodies auditing the conformity of both qualified trust service providers and the trust service itself. The Guideline describes the content of audit reports and assessment reports to be prepared as a result of a conformity assessment of an electronic identification service or a conformity verification of a qualified trust service, respectively.

Model criteria have been prepared to facilitate the identification service audits. Identification service providers may use the set of criteria included in the Guideline or some other criteria meeting the requirements laid down in section 15 of FICORA's regulation on electronic identification and trust services (M72).

Valid as from 2 November 2016.

Key words: Information security , Television , Electronic signature , Faults and disturbances , Guidelines


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