Guidelines and reports

FICORA prepares guidelines and other publications, such as interpretations, recommendations and reports, either independently or together with other operators in the field. FICORA issues opinions in matters within its field of operation.

The guidelines, interpretations, recommendations and reports published by FICORA provide operators, their customers and other stakeholders with information on best practices and development of services and networks, as well as on FICORA's interpretation of legislation.

You can search for guidelines and publications by using the search function. You do not necessarily have to use a free search word. You can search by just using definitions for your search. For instance, choose definitions Telephone and Guideline, and your search results will contain all guidelines related to telephone.

Search for guidelines and publications

Read more about the guidance provided to businesses and customers in Principles and procedures.

FICORA issues opinions in matters within its field of operation. FICORA's key opinions are available in FICORA's opinions.

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