Supervision of consumer protection

Among FICORA's key responsibilities are ensuring the position and rights of users of communications services. FICORA supervises that the agreement terms of communications services provided to consumer customers and the procedures comparable to the terms are lawful and reasonable. In addition, FICORA supervises that providers of remote services fulfil their obligations to provide information. These obligations are laid down in law.

FICORA supervises that the provisions given for the protection of users in the legislation supervised by FICORA are complied with. However, FICORA does not settle issues concerning agreement terms or compensation obligation between operators and users.

Agreement terms for communications services

FICORA supervises the lawfulness of operators' agreement terms intended for consumer customers. FICORA regularly carries out clarifications concerning agreement terms, primarily on its own initiative. Queries sent by citizens can also lead to clarifications on agreement terms.

FICORA may oblige an operator to amend its agreement terms. FICORA may also forbid an operator from using an unreasonable agreement term. FICROA provides guidance to operators in issues related to the content and reasonability of agreement terms. The operator is, however, responsible for making agreement terms, and FICORA does not accept agreement terms in advance.

Information on a subscriber connection agreement is available on the page Subscriber connection agreement.

FICORA ensures that operators publish information on the quality of their services.

FICORA publishes information on the development, prices and quality of communications services.

Information on prices is available on the page Subscription prices.

FICORA's key documents concerning consumer protection are available on the page Decisions and definitions of policy concerning consumer protection.

Act on Electronic Communications Services (917/2014),Chapter 15

Provision of information society services

The regulation of information society services applies to such electronic distance services that are provided at the request of recipients and usually against payment. Such services include online shops. FICORA supervises that distance service providers established in Finland fulfil their obligations to provide information. These obligations are laid down in law. Distance service providers must provide the service recipients with certain information about themselves and their operations.

Requirements have also been provided for order and agreement procedures used in electronic distance services. The requirements are mainly supervised by consumer protection authorities.

Act on Electronic Communications Services (917/2014) Chapter 22

As regards consumer business, the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (38/1978) must also be complied with in electronic commerce. The compliance with the provisions is supervised by the Consumer Ombudsman. The Consumer Ombudsman has compiled guidelines for electronic commerce providers on starting an online shop.

Transboundary service provision also involves cooperation between national authorities. Related to this, Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 (amendment) of the European Parliament and of the Council on cooperation between national authorities responsible for the enforcement of consumer protection laws has been issued.

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Updated 29.05.2018

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