State of the Fast Broadband project

The amount of state aid granted within the Fast Broadband project by 31 December 2016 is roughly EUR 49.2 million. The aid has funded the construction of roughly 20,000 kilometres of fibre networks. Fibre deployment has led to around 83,000 additional households gaining access to high-speed broadband. There are state aid applications pending at FICORA for broadband projects throughout Finland that are worth about EUR 10.9 million. New broadband projects are planned in more than hundred municipalities.

What is the Fast Broadband project?

In the Fast Broadband project, FICORA supports fibre deployments in sparsely populated areas and other such areas where the commercial supply of fast broadband may not be sufficient. State aid facilitates fibre deployment, thereby ensuring the provision of high-speed broadband now and in the future.

Access to fast broadband contributes to the vitality of areas. It allows all citizens to have access to advanced digital services. Aiding construction aims at ensuring equal access to services for all users regardless of their place of residence.

New broadband projects to come - aid for construction is still available

The Broadband Construction Aid Act has been proposed to be amended to allow granting of state aid to a wider region. There is still around EUR 25 million of state aid left for new projects and the project will continue at least until 2019.

Several regional councils are planning to implement broadband projects in more than hundred municipalities. These projects are shown on the map below. The projects are planned to be carried out throughout Finland from the municipalities in the archipelago of the Turku region to the northernmost Lapland.

Figure 1. Project areas in planning phase in 2017.

Provision of fibre network in Finland

The map below illustrates the geographical coverage of fast fibre-based broadband network as well as permanent residences and places of business. The map includes all existing networks, both funded and commercially constructed. Networks constructed with state aid are situated especially in Lapland, Kainuu, Northern Ostrobothnia, Northern Savonia and Satakunta.

Around 1.36 million households in Finland have access to fixed broadband of 100 Mbps or more. This represents roughly 51 per cent of all Finnish households.

Figure 2. Geographical coverage of fibre-based broadband network

Facts and figures about broadband projects

Out of all broadband projects funded by the State or the EU, 136 were completed by the end of 2016. In the Fast Broadband project:

  • a total of EUR 74.2 million of state and EU aid has been granted for the construction of broadband networks;
  • the amount of aid granted by FICORA is EUR 49.2 million;
  • 20,000 kilometres of broadband network has been built;
  • about EUR 3.7 of state and EU aid has been granted per built network metre;
  • about 30,000 new accesses to fibre have been created (roughly half of them had a connection speed of 100 Mbps);
  • the networks provide access for 83,000 subscribers, i.e. the networks constructed during the year have created access for 13,000 subscribers.

Financial aid for broadband granted by FICORA by 31 December 2016, by region

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Financial aid for broadband granted by FICORA by 31 December 2016, by telecom operator

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The stages of the Broadband 2015 project since 2008 are listed below.

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Updated 15.05.2017

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