Regulation 72 on electronic identification and trust services

The Regulation applies to the provision and conformity assessment of devices for strong electronic identification and identification broker services that have been notified to FICORA.

The Regulation contains provisions on:

  • conformity assessment requirements of identification devices and identification services as well as independence and competence criteria for assessment bodies;
  • information security requirements of the identification scheme and identification method;
  • identification device creation process
  • disturbance notifications
  • interoperability of the relay of identification events and the data that the interfaces between various parties must allow to be transmitted
  • requirements for qualified electronic trust services and the independence and competence criteria in relation to their conformity assessment in so far as they are not laid down in the legislation of the European Union, and
  • certification criteria of electronic signatures and electronic seal creation devices in so far as they are not laid down in the legislation of the European Union.

Valid as from 2 November 2016.

Key words: Information security , Internet , Assessment body , Electronic identification , Electronic signature , Encryption , Faults and disturbances , Trust service , Regulations


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