Regulation 66 on disturbances in telecommunications services

This Regulation is applied to disturbances in public telecommunications services, i.e. situations that disturb or threaten functionality or information security.

The Regulation covers the following:

  • control and maintenance of networks and services; detection, management and prevention of disturbances; management of failure alerts by customers and modifications;
  • informing users of disturbances;
  • informing FICORA of disturbances;
  • compilation of statistics on disturbances.

In force: 1.1.2015 -

Key words: Internet, Radio, Telephone, Television, Broadband, Cable, Coverage area, Customer service, Denial-of-service attack, Faults and disturbances, Functionality, Land-line phone, Mobile broadband, Mobile phone, NCSC-FI, Networks, Telecommunications, Text messages, Regulations


- Annex 2 of Regulation 66 - Telecoms operator's notification of information security incident (contact form / word file [dot, 185 KB])

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