Regulation 54 on resilience of communications networks and services

Published 03.05.2012 | Updated 30.01.2017

The regulation applies to ensuring the reliability of communications networks and services, protection of privacy and information security under normal circumstances, in fault situations in normal circumstances and in state of emergency. The regulation imposes telecommunications operators minimum obligations of e.g. ensuring power supply of devices used for the implementation of communications networks and services, ensuring that devices and connections are effective and the physical protection of devices.

The purpose of the regulation is to ensure the functionality of the communications services widely used by consumers (e.g. mobile phone services) also in the event of faults and interference. It is difficult for consumers to evaluate the reliability in the operation of communications services, and the marketing and purchasing decisions of communications services are usually based mainly on the price of the service. However, consumers have the right to expect that the communications services they have purchased are of good quality. Because consumers have practically no opportunity to influence the reliability, information security and data protection in the operation of the communications services that they purchase, reliability must be ensured by means of regulations.

In force: 1.1.2015 -


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