Regulation 68 on domain names that end with fi or ax and the registration of such names (Domain Name Regulation)

Published 15.06.2016 | Updated 21.05.2018

The Domain Name Regulation applies to domain names that end with fi or ax and to the registration and management of such names

The Regulation contains provisions on:

  • domain name registrars’ obligations to report and provide information
  • interfaces to the domain name register of the authority in charge of domain names
  • the particular requirements relating to the information security of the EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol ) interface to the fi-domain name register
  • procedures to transfer a domain name to another holder or to switch domain name registrars
  • the length and permitted characters for domain names as well as configuration of name servers to serve domain names
  • domain name registrars’ information security management
  • reporting disturbances in the information security, i.e. situations that disturb or threaten functionality or information security, to the authority in charge of domain names.

In force: 5 September 2016 -


Domain Name Regulation 68/2016 M [pdf, 97 KB]

Annex 1 of Regulation 68 - EPP interface description [pdf, 1 MB]

Explanatory notes to Regulation 68 [pdf, 788 KB]

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