Announcement on the application of programming licences for radio broadcasting by 28 August 2015

FICORA announces programming licences for radio broadcasting to be available for application. The programming licences concern the open frequencies allocated in section 12 of Regulation 70 B/2015 M (currently available in Finnish and Swedish).

In the Regulation, FICORA has allocated in total 94 new frequencies and 4 frequency blocks for the use of analogue FM radio broadcasting and 4 frequencies for the use of AM radio broadcasting. All those who are interested have now the possibility, in accordance with section 35 of the Information Society Code (917/2014), to apply for long-term programming licences for these open frequencies. The programming licences are valid until the end of 2019, unless the applicant applies for a shorter validity period. The programming licence applications must be sent to FICORA by Friday 28 August 2015 at 12.00 noon

The application can be sent:

  • By email to: radiotaajuudet(at), with the following text in the subject field: "Application for a programming licence for radio broadcasting"
  • By mail to:

FICORA's registry/
Application for a programming licence for radio broadcasting
P.O. Box 313
00181 Helsinki, Finland

  • By fax to: +358 295 390 270, with the heading "Application for a programming licence for radio broadcasting"


The simplest way to submit the application is by using the Application form for a programming licence [docx, 28 KB] The form is in Word format. After you have filled in the form, you can either attach it to your email message or print and send it to FICORA by mail or fax.

Alternatively, you can submit an informal application. However, the application must always include the following details:

  1. name, contact information and domicile of the applicant;
  2. statement on the planned duration of the operation;
  3. statement regarding applicant's solvency and ability to carry out regular radio broadcasting;
  4. frequency or frequency unit applied for;
  5. and statement regarding the planned coverage area.

If the applicant is of the opinion that application includes information that must be kept secret on the basis of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, it is recommended to mark the information in question clearly in the application.

More detailed instructions for filling in the application form/submitting the licence application can be found in the instructions available via the link below:Programming licence for radio broadcasting - application instructions [docx, 48 KB]

NOTE! With regard to the frequencies Pori 100 MHz and Turku 92.2 MHz, an appeal period related to FICORA's decision is running at the time publishing this application announcement. Therefore, programming licences can only be granted to these frequencies if the decision is not appealed. However, the frequencies can be applied for normally. If the application process lapses with regard to these frequencies, FICORA will inform on 15 August 2015 separately those who have applied for the frequency in question. In this case, the application fee will not be charged for these frequencies.

Further information

For further information, please contact Suvi Juurakko-Lehikoinen, Head of the Fixed Radiocommunication Networks group, tel. +358 295 390 446, email suvi.juurakko(at) and Henriikka Rosti, Legal Counsel, tel. +358 295 390 326, email henriikka.rosti(at) (not available between 13 July and 5 August 2015).

Questions concerning the frequencies or frequency units that have been applied for can be sent to radiotaajuudet(at)

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