Application announcements

This page contains FICORA's effective application announcements. Old application announcements are available on the Archive page.

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In accordance with the Information Society Code (917/2014), FICORA grants programming licences for television broadcasting as of 1 January 2015. The licence application can be submitted to FICORA without a separate application round. If there is free capacity, FICORA must publish without delay the licence application received and, at the same time, announce the time period during which other applicants may apply for a programming licence. A programming licence may be granted no earlier than one month from publication of the application or notification by FICORA.

In accordance with section 25 of the Information Society Code, FICORA grants a programming licence to an applicant

  • who has paid the application fee which is EUR 5000
  • when applying for a long-term licence, who is solvent and has the apparent ability to broadcast regularly according to the programming licence,
  • for whom there is no justified reason to suspect of violating the provisions of this Act,
  • and who has submitted an adequate statement regarding programme distribution management.

However, if there is not adequate transmission capacity for all applicants, the decision on the licence is made by the Government.