The FinICT network project

Published 28.12.2015

The FinICT network project was completed at the end of 2015. The purpose of the project was to improve the participatory culture and promote the use of research data and increase its effectiveness in decision-making processes in the ICT sector. The FinICT network distributed information about data, tools and processes to be used to add more value with the existing resources.

The FinICT pilot projects aimed, for instance, at making use of the existing data sources and interfaces, processing raw data into a more workable form by using, for example, simulations and interactive visualisations, turning processed data and tools turn fit for circulation and many purposes, producing high-quality decision alternatives and overview of complicated problems, as well as bringing together operators who have a common problem to solve.

After the project was completed, the website of FinICT ( was closed and the most important data of the project was documented and saved on FICORA's website under Statistics and reports. The documents describe the projects, articles, seminars and events as well as the tools and development methods used during the FinICT project.

The documents are available in Finnish.

Key words: Information security , Internet , Telephone , Surveys


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