Cable TV and IPTV subscriptions

Published 09.10.2018

The subscription volumes are based on the information on cable TV and IPTV services that FICORA has collected from telecoms operators. IPTV service means the reception of TV broadcasts through a broadband connection.

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The majority of valid cable TV and IPTV subscriptions are held by households, but the subscription volumes in the chart also include the subscriptions of business customers.

The reception of cable TV broadcasts requires a cable TV subscription. However, not all households necessarily have a television receiver; instead, the figures describe the number of operators' customers with a cable TV subscription.

Telecoms operators also transmit TV broadcasts on the internet as IPTV broadcasts. Using an IPTV subscription requires a fast and usually fixed broadband subscription with a data transfer rate of at least 10 Mbit/s. IPTV subscriptions include all those subscriptions that enable the reception of at least one free-to-air channel (linear TV broadcast).

Because watching and listening to freely available terrestrial TV and radio broadcasts does not require a specific subscription, they have not been included in the statistics. Watching television programmes with an internet browser installed on a computer or mobile device is also excluded from the statistics.

The changes in television and other audiovisual services and radio services have been explained in more detail in the section Reviews and articles.

The next update to these statistics will be in March 2019.

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