Causes of significant functionality incidents

Published 12.07.2017 
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Telecommunications operators are obliged to report significant disturbances in the functionality of their networks and services to FICORA. Telecommunications operators’ notification procedures and significant functionality disturbances are defined in FICORA's Regulation 66. In the Regulation, disturbances in functionality are divided into four severity categories depending on the communications services and the number of end customers that are affected by the disturbance.

When reporting significant functionality disturbances to FICORA, telecommunications operators also indicate the cause of these incidents. The causes are monitored in order to prevent disturbances in functionality by focusing on the factors involved in the generation of disturbances.

These statistics show the causes of significant functionality disturbances reported to FICORA by telecommunications operators. The causes are presented as percentages since one disturbance may have several causes.

The causes of the disturbances are categorised as follows:

  • Power cut: Failure of a communications network or service component due to a cut in the power supply of the public electricity network.
  • Failure of power unit system: Functionality incident due to a disruption in the power supply systems of an equipment facility.
  • Cable break: Failure of a data cable.
  • Hardware failure: Failure of equipment used in the provision of a communications network or service.
  • Software failure: Failure caused by software of equipment used in the provision of a service.
  • Equipment facility fault: Disruption related to the conditions (such as temperature or humidity), operability or reliability of an equipment facility.
  • Update or modification: Disruption arising from an update or modification of a communications network or service component.
  • Unknown: Cause of the disruption cannot be ascertained.
  • Other reason: Cause cannot be included in any of the above categories.

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