Price level for telephone services

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The price index for the voice and messaging services depicts the price level alteration for the voice and messasing services used by households. The partial indexes depict the price level alteration in the fixed network and in the mobile network. The weighing of the fixed network and the mobile network in the price index for the voice and messaging services are determined according to the revenue telecoms operators receive from households from such services.

The presented indexes:

  • are real price indexes, so they include the general price level alteration. In practice, the calculation of the indexes is based on nominal price indexes depicting the change in the nominal price in euros. Then, it has been transformed into real price indexes with the help of the consumer price index (CPI) of Statistics Finland.
  • are based on the data telecoms operators have submitted to FICORA on the telecoms turnover, subscription volumes, call minutes and SMS and MMS message volumes.
  • reflect the development of prices actually paid by consumers. The price indexes do not reveal the price development of individual operators, but the general price development of particular services. The calculated indexes also cover the impact of different special offers on the prices paid by consumers for telecoms services. The statistics page on internet services depicts the development of price list prices.
  • have the value 100 on the base year for the index 2008. Other years the value of the index depicts the price level alteration compared to the base year.

Key words: Telephone , Tariffs , Statistics

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