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The development of mobile subscriptions has been described as a whole, because it is very common that both voice and data transmission services are provided via the same mobile subscription. The number of mobile subscriptions contains all the subscriptions acquired by households and companies, excluding such subscriptions that have been sold to be used only in so-called Machine-to-Machine use (e.g. for electricity metres). The division of mobile subscriptions into subscriptions used only for voice and messaging services and into different kinds of data transfer subscriptions is described separately in Mobile subscriptions based on data transfer agreements.

The subscription volume for 2H/2013 is not directly comparable with previous subscription volumes.
During the second half of 2013, one telecoms operator has corrected its way of reporting subscription volumes to correspond FICORA's definition. The correction reduces the concerned operator's subscription volume compared to the volume that was previously reported. Without the effect of the correction, the total volume of subscriptions would have indicated a slight growth from the previous half-year. Information from the end of 2017 was updated in connection with update 1H 2018.

The next update to these statistics will be in March 2019.

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