Fixed-line broadband subscriptions by connection technology

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The minimum speed of a broadband subscription from the network to the user (download) is 144 kbit/s in the statistics. The broadband subscription volume contains both consumer and corporate subscriptions.

DSL subscriptions are broadband subscriptions based on a metallic telephone network.

Ethernet subscriptions are connections where the real estate's internal network is implemented with twisted pair cabling with Ethernet technique.

Cable modem subscriptions are implemented by the cable television network.

Fibre-optic subscriptions (FTTH/-O) are subscriptions implemented with fibre-optic cabling.

Other subscriptions contain various wireless solutions based on radio technology meant to used at a fixed location. These subscriptions include also real estate and housing company subscriptions that can not be included in the other categories.

The statistics have been retroactively corrected in January 2017. The next update to these statistics will be in September 2017.

Key words: Internet , Broadband , Subscription , Statistics

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