Telecommunications turnover fell by 4 per cent in 2015

Published 15.08.2016

Actual telecommunications operations, which includes fixed and mobile network operations as well as TV and radio operations, generated turnover of almost EUR 3.4 billion which is approximately 4 per cent less than in 2014. In 2015, the total turnover of telecom operators with activities in Finland was almost EUR 6 billion. This total turnover includes a great deal of revenues from other than actual telecommunications operations. The main reason for the increased total turnover was that FICORA started to collect information from new telecom operators. In reality, the comparable total turnover decreased by 3 per cent compared to 2014.

In 2015, the turnover of telecommunications decreased for the fifth year in a row. Compared to 2010, the turnover of telecommunications has decreased by around 12%. The decrease is mainly explained by the reduced wholesale revenues from the fixed and mobile networks as well as the changes in the consumption habits related to telecommunications services, such as more frequent use of instant messaging services, social media and email, which has led to a reduction in the use of traditional voice and messaging services.

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Figure: Trends in turnover of telecommunications by network.

In 2015 FICORA started to collect information from new telecom operators which caused the turnover of other than actual telecommunications to grow. Revenue from other operations more than doubled in comparison to 2014 being approximately EUR 2.6 billion in 2015. Because of this, telecommunications as a share of the telecom operators’ total turnover reduced from 74% to 57% compared to 2014. However, as regards major telecom operators, the share of telecommunications of their turnover was more than four fifths (82%).

The 4% decrease in the telecommunications turnover is mainly caused by a 7% decrease in the revenues from the fixed network. Compared to 2014, revenues from the mobile network fell by 1.4% and revenues from TV and radio operations roughly by 3%.

The decreased revenues from the fixed network also caused the share of fixed network turnover of the total telecommunications turnover to reduce from 36% to 35% compared to 2014. Correspondingly, the share of mobile network of the telecommunications turnover increased by 1 percentage point to 55%. TV and radio operations as a share of the telecommunications turnover remained around 10%.

Table: Change in the turnover of telecom operators 2014–2015

*To be able to compare the changes in percentages between 2014 and 2015, this article only includes such operators that have provided data on both years. The EUR figures of 2015 include all telecom operators that have reported figures for 2015.

More information about the statistics is available in this article.

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