Revenue and investments 2015

Published 15.08.2016

Since 2009, FICORA has compiled statistics on telecommunications operators' turnover and investment data. The data is based on information collected from telecom operators and it is used primarily to support FICORA's economic steering and supervision duties. The data is also used for compiling and publishing statistics on the key figures and market shares of the main operators in the sector. In addition, the data is used for calculating price level indexes for retail services. The published information is estimated to cover more than 99% of the telecommunications sector measured in terms of subscription numbers, and therefore it provides an accurate picture of its economic development. The statistics only contain the operators' revenues from the services provided in Finland and investments made in Finland.

FICORA's statistics on turnover and investments provide the most complete data on the economic development of the whole telecommunications sector in Finland. The revenue and investment data gives a good indication of the proportions in the sector. Besides providing statistics on subscription and usage volumes, the data describes the past development in the sector and indicates future trends.

In 2015, FICORA started to collect information on revenue and investments from several new telecom operators. In 2009–2013, the statistics included information from around 60 companies and in 2014 from around 80 companies, but in 2015 the turnover and investment data contains the financial figures of 140 telecom operators. The principal activity of the majority of these companies is other than actual telecommunications, and as a result, the total turnover and the turnover of other operations in particular increase instead of the actual telecommunications turnover.

Core statistics relating to revenue and investments are available in Statistics.

The statistics and trends of 2015 are explained in more detail in the following articles:

Telecommunications turnover fell by 4 per cent in 2015
Wholesale revenues from telecommunications operations fell significantly more than retail revenues in 2015
No major changes in market shares by telecommunications turnover in 2015
Consumer prices of telecommunications services continued to decrease steadily in 2015
Investment in telecommunications grew in 2015

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