No major changes in market shares by telecommunications turnover in 2015

Published 15.08.2016

In the Finnish telecommunications market, there are three large nationwide operators in relation to the size of the market, as well as 20 local telecom operators forming the Finnet group, several other independent telecom operators and many other operators with relatively small-scale telecommunications operations or with other principal activities.

TeliaSonera, Elisa and DNA are clearly the major telecommunications operators in the Finnish markets. Their combined telecommunications turnover accounted for around 87% of the Finnish telecommunications turnover in 2015. The three major operators represent 97% of the mobile network turnover whereas in the fixed network, the combined market share of these three operators is around three quarters (76%). In TV and radio operations, the three major operators held about two thirds (68%) of retail revenues from the terrestrial, cable and IPTV markets.

In terms of actual telecommunications turnover, TeliaSonera was still the major operator in the markets with a market share of around 34% followed by its closest competitor Elisa which is two percentage points behind it. Both operators lost one percentage point of their market shares compared to 2014. In practice, one or the other of these companies has had the largest market share during the past years. DNA has been number three in the markets for years and at the end of 2015, its market share was around 21%. Other market operators, including the Finnet group, were the only ones able to increase their market share last year. In 2015, their market share was 13% of the telecommunications operations whereas in 2014, it was 11%.

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Figure: Market shares based on telecommunications turnover 2015

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