More and more Finns watch internet television

As many as three quarters of Finns watch TV programmes or videos online. Almost one in five consumers over the age of 15 watches such content daily. Most watch free internet television services provided by TV companies.

According to a consumer survey conducted in spring 2016, 69% of Finns have watched free internet television services, such Yle Areena, Katsomo or Ruutu. The second most popular services are video services such as Youtube with 58%. More than one quarter of Finns watch video-on-demand (VOD) services that subject to a charge. There is significant age variation among consumers using such services. Using services like Netflix, HBO Nordic, Filmnet and Viaplay is over four times more uncommon among the 50–64 age group than the youngest age group. The phrasing of the question has changed slightly since 2015 and therefore fully comparative figures are not available. However, watching free internet television services and VOD services subject to a charge, in particular, is estimated to have increased 6–8 percentage points in a year. On the other hand, the frequency of watching such services has remained unchanged.

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Figure 1. Proportion of Finns watching TV programmes or videos online in spring 2016.

A total of 56% of Finns watch TV programmes or videos online every week, and 19% watch them daily. The proportion of daily watchers decreases from 40% to 4% when comparing the youngest age group of respondents to the oldest one. There is also regional variation: the proportion of daily watchers around Helsinki is 26%, in other cities 20%, in semi-urban areas outside cities 14% and in rural areas only 10%.

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Figure 2. Frequency of Finns watching TV programmes or videos online in spring 2016.

Based on the telephone interviews, it was found that 47% of Finns live in a household with a terrestrial TV connection and 43% in a household with a cable TV connection. A total of 11% of households have an IPTV subscription*. As terrestrial TV subscriptions are naturally more widespread in semi-urban areas outside cities (65%) and especially in rural areas (76%), cable TV subscriptions are more common in cities where more than half of households have one. The amount of IPTV subscriptions does not vary much from one region to another. There is a satellite TV in 4% of households and it is most common in semi-urban areas outside cities (7%) and most uncommon in the capital region (2%). 7% of households have none of the above-mentioned reception methods which means that either they do not watch TV at all or they watch programmes only online.

One in four respondents subscribe to pay television. This is most common among the 35–49 age group where one third of households subscribe to pay TV.

A total of 3009 Finns over the age of 15 were interviewed for the survey in spring 2016. TNS Gallup collected the data and compiled the results.

*IPTV subscriptions are otherwise similar to, for example, cable TV subscriptions except that TV channels are delivered over a broadband connection. In addition, IPTV service packages may include video-on-demand (VOD) services which makes them partly similar to online services that are usually watched via a web browser or some other separately installed program.

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