Data transfer and telephone subscriptions in 2015

A review on how the number of fixed network and mobile network subscriptions has developed in relation to the population of Finland illustrates the large number of communications connections Finnish people are using.

In recent years, the number of mobile subscriptions per inhabitant has remained fairly unchanged, with the total number of subscriptions being more than 170 per one hundred inhabitants at the end of 2015. An increasing number of Finnish people are using mobile broadband, and there are as many as 135 mobile broadband subscriptions per one hundred inhabitants. Finland is among the leading countries in the world in terms of the number of mobile broadband subscriptions per inhabitant: According to statistics released by the OECD in February 2016, Finland is the leading OECD country when it comes to the use of mobile broadband.

The number of fixed broadband subscriptions has remained at approximately 30 subscriptions per one hundred inhabitants over the eight-year review period. The number of landline telephone subscriptions has collapsed to one third during the same period. In Finland, there are only ten landline subscriptions per one hundred inhabitants. As a result, IPTV subscriptions, a new service that has emerged in the 2010s, are already almost as common as landline telephones. In total, there are seven IPTV subscriptions per one hundred inhabitants.

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Figure: Fixed and mobile network subscriptions per inhabitant

This article is a part of FICORA's Communications Sector Review 1/2016.

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