Television programmes have a voice and subtitling obligation

Published 06.08.2015

The public service programming of Yleisradio and the "public interest programming" confirmed by decision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications must offer a sufficient number of programmes for which voice and subtitling services are available. The voice and subtitling service has to be linked to a specific share of the programmes on each channel.

The subtitling of Finnish and Swedish-language programmes is important so that the hearing-impaired can follow the programmes. The subtitling service must be offered in the original language of the programme, i.e. in Finnish in Finnish-language programmes and in Swedish in Swedish-language programmes.

In the voice service, the text on the screen is heard as synthesised speech. The voice service makes it easier for the visually and reading impaired to view television programmes when the programme is subtitled.

The voice service was almost 100 per cent implemented in 2014

FICORA supervises that telecommunications operators implement the voice and subtitling services according to law and decrees. The voice service had to be linked to all Yle programmes and 40 per cent of the programmes of other channels. Yle's different channels, MTV 3, Nelonen and FOX had linked the voice service to 100 per cent of their programme hours.

In 2014, the share of the subtitling service of programme hours had to be 80 per cent for Yle programmes and 40 per cent for other channels. The subtitling service was not implemented in accordance with law on all Yle's channels, because the share of subtitled programme hours on Yle Fem and Yle Fem HD channels remained at less than 60 per cent. On the other channels, the share of subtitled programme hours varied between 50 and 100 per cent, which fulfils the requirements of law.

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Figure: Total number of programme hours subject to the subtitling obligation broken down according to the realised subtitling

This article is a part of FICORA's Communications Sector Review 2/2015.

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