Objects and causes of radio interference

Published 06.08.2015

FICORA receives a large number of notifications concerning problems with the use of radio systems. If it is assessed on the basis of notifications that a problem caused by another radio device or electrical appliance may be concerned, FICORA starts to investigate the matter as radio interference. The majority of radio interference cases require field work. For this purpose, FICORA has three measurement vehicles and portable measurement equipment. In addition, fixed monitoring receivers provide assistance.

In 2014, FICORA examined 120 radio interference cases on the basis of notifications. Eight of the interference cases were radio interference from distress and safety communication, and five of them were urgent. Of the interference cases reported, 30 per cent concerned interference in mobile networks notified by operators. Five investigation requests were made to the police concerning unauthorised repeaters causing interference in mobile networks. The majority of the interference cases in mobile networks were caused by households' television antenna amplifiers.

Of the investigated radio interference, 30 per cent was related to television reception, and in many cases, the cause of the problem was revealed to have been caused by a factor other than external radio interference. In addition to these, FICORA investigates a large number of television reception problems, which are not interpreted as radio interference. Almost one-third of the causes of radio interference remain unsolved, or the interference disappears by itself. 15 per cent of the interference is due to electrical appliances.

Object (pcs) Cause (pcs)
Terrestrial television 36 2
Mobile networks 33 24
SRD applications 14 6
Radio amateur devices 12 6
Professional mobile radio systems (PMR) 7 2
FM radios 7 2
Aviation radio systems 5 1
Navigation and civil radio positioning systems 2 0
Satellite systems 2 0
Maritime radio systems 1 2
Related to fixed services 1 0
Interference disappeared by itself or unknown source 0 37
Devices other than radio devices (such as electrical appliances) 0 17
Other radio devices 0 15
Unauthorised use of radio devices 0 6
Total 120 120

Figure: Objects and causes of radio interference cases investigated by FICORA in 2014

This article is a part of FICORA's Communications Sector Review 2/2015.

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