Market shares of operators based on the number of subscriptions have remained nearly unchanged

Published 16.10.2015

There were no significant changes in the market shares held by operators on the basis of the number of subscriptions in the past six months.

Measured by the number of fixed broadband subscriptions, Elisa is the market leader, holding a share of 32 per cent, being ahead of TeliaSonera by one percentage point. DNA holds 24 per cent and Finnet Group 11 per cent. With regard to fixed broadband subscriptions, the market share of DNA has increased by one percentage point and that of Sonera has decreased by one percentage point from the end of last year.

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Figure: Market shares based on the number of fixed broadband subscriptions in 1H 2015

The mobile network is nearly fully covered by the three largest operators. At the end of June, Elisa's market share of mobile subscriptions was 39 per cent, while TeliaSonera accounted for 35 per cent and DNA 25 per cent. Compared with the latter half of 2014, Elisa's market share decreased by one percentage point, while DNA gained one percentage point.

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Figure: Market shares based on the number of mobile subscriptions in 1H 2015

Furthermore, Elisa is the market leader in fixed telephone subscriptions with a market share of 39 per cent. TeliaSonera holds 23 per cent and DNA 15 per cent of such subscriptions. Finnet Group accounts for 22 per cent. Compared with the end of 2014, DNA has increased its share of fixed telephone subscriptions by 1.5 percentage points. This is partly explained by the business transaction where DNA Oy acquired the Finnish operations of TDC. Even though the number of fixed telephone subscriptions has fallen by 10 per cent in six months, the decrease has been fairly even among all operators.

This article is a part of FICORA's Communications Sector Review 3/2015.

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