Fixed telephone subscriptions are becoming a rarity

Published 16.10.2015

In recent years, the number of fixed telephone subscriptions has decreased steadily. The trend continued during the first half of 2015, with the number of fixed telephone subscriptions decreasing by nearly 10 per cent from the end of last year.

At the end of June 2015, there were 580,000 fixed telephone subscriptions in Finland, which is 60,000 fewer than at the end of last year.

Call volumes and minutes in the fixed network followed the same downward trend, with the number of calls falling by 8 per cent and the number of call minutes decreasing by 10 per cent from the latter half of 2014. When comparing call volumes with the corresponding period of last year, the number of calls has decreased by 16 per cent and call minutes by 21 per cent. During the first half, a total of 130 million calls were placed in the fixed network, totalling 390 million call minutes. The average duration of calls shortened by a few seconds to a little more than three minutes.

Companies account for 53 per cent of all fixed telephone subscriptions. Of call volumes, their share is even higher. Corporate customers are responsible for 84 per cent of all calls placed and 70 per cent of call minutes.

Subscriptions Call pcs (million) Call minutes (million) Average duration of a call
2H2012 890 000 200 590 3 min 0 s
1H2013 820 000 190 600 3 min 9 s
2H2013 750 000 170 530 3 min 4 s
1H2014 690 000 160 500 3 min 11 s
2H2014 640 000 140 440 3 min 5 s
1H2015 580 000 130 390 3 min 1 s

Figure: Fixed telephone subscriptions, call volumes and average duration of call 2012–2015

This article is a part of FICORA's Communications Sector Review 3/2015.

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