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Published 16.10.2015

During the first six months of 2015, FICORA received more than 25,000 queries. Of these, more than 11,000 were calls and 14,000 were made in writing. Customer queries mostly deal with the acquisition of services offered by FICORA, such as domain names, telecom network numbers, permits or certificates. In addition, FICORA receives queries from communications service users who approach FICORA, for example, when encountering problems.

Questions related to domain names account for nearly 60 per cent of all queries and, during the first half of the year, FICORA received nearly 15,000 such queries. FICORA received more than 4,000 queries regarding information security and nearly 4,000 queries related to radio frequencies. Frequency-related queries are mostly associated with radio licences or examinations and certificates. FICORA received nearly 1,800 queries related to communications services. These queries are associated with postal services, TV and radio services, as well as telephone and broadband services. Early in the year, FICORA received a few hundred queries related to TV licence fees, even though the TV licence fee system was discontinued in 2012, and the collection of unreceived licence fees and the return of excess fees were stopped at the beginning of 2015.

The customer queries received during the first half of the year have emphasised a few factors related to postal and TV services. With regard to TV reception, queries have been made due to changes in the content of channel bundles. The shift of Yle's HD channels from channel bundle D to channel bundle H reduced the geographic visibility and population coverage of the channels, similarly to the shift of the FOX channel from channel bundle A to channel bundle C. The reduced visibility has resulted in negative feedback which is also reflected in the queries received by FICORA.

In February, Posti announced its price increases and the discontinuation of the Maxi Letter service which resulted in numerous customer queries earlier in the year. Furthermore, FICORA has received queries related to delays in mail delivery, lost deliveries and other delivery-related problems.

Broadband and mobile telephone services involve specific themes that cause a steady flow of customer queries each year. These include the coverage of the mobile network and the availability of fixed broadband subscriptions. With regard to internet services, customer queries are related to electronic direct marketing and the end of electronic postal service agreements.

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Figure: Customer queries received by FICORA by theme in 1H 2015

This article is a part of FICORA's Communications Sector Review 3/2015.

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