Communications Sector Review 3/2015

Communications sector review 3/2015 presents a broad view of the development of the communications sector during the first half of 2015 and discusses, among other things, the subscription and usage volumes in the mobile and fixed network, as well as the consumer price trends in telephone and broadband services.

The review provides a round-up of public information the authority has collected as part of its supervision duties related to electronic communications services and networks, and issues related to information security.

In place of one annual review, FICORA will publish in 2015 several communications sector reviews describing the development of its operating environment so that the information featured in the reviews is as new as possible.

Key words: Information security , Internet , Telephone , Television , Broadband , Faults and disturbances , Land-line phone , Market shares , Mobile broadband , Mobile phone , Prices , Roaming , Text messages , Articles , Reviews , Statistics


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