Conventional TV viewing held its ground although devices continue to become more versatile

Published 11.02.2014

According to a survey commissioned by Finnpanel, there were no significant changes in television reception methods during 2013, although television viewing on conventional TV sets has increased in 2013. However, this is attributable to the fact that the obligation to pay the television fee ceased on 1 January 2013 and TV fees were replaced by the public service broadcasting tax collected by the Finnish Tax Administration. Although conventional TV sets are still mostly used for viewing television, the use of computers, smartphones and tablets, in particular, for TV viewing has become more common in recent years.

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Figure 1: Devices used for viewing television programmes

In 2013, 27 per cent of TV households had a television set or set-top box equipped with an HD tuner. If households that have an HD television set but no HD tuner are also included, the share will double. In August 2013, eight per cent of households had subscribed to HD channels subject to a fee.

There was an equal number of households where the only reception method was the cable or terrestrial television network, i.e. the total share was about 86 per cent of all TV households. About 10 per cent of TV households also used IPTV in addition to the aforementioned methods. With the exception of certain additional services, IPTV is, for the most part, similar to the two aforementioned reception methods. In this method, the television signal is delivered into the user's home via internet. Other reception methods and reception combinations were limited to a few percent in total.

Internet television means videos or broadcasts that are watched via a web browser or separate programme. Examples of internet television services are YLE Areena, Ruutu, MTV3 Katsomo and Netflix. Although smartphones and tablets are also being increasingly used for internet surfing and, for example, internet television viewing, the most common form of watching internet television is still clearly via the computer. Over half of households reported they view internet television on the computer. Internet television receivers and internet television applications for game consoles and their popularity has also risen slightly during the past year.

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Figure 2: Devices used for viewing internet television

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