The next generation connection technologies speed up internet connections and expand the use

Similar to last year, nearly 90% of households in Finland had an internet connection. A quarter of these connections had a speed of at least 24 Mbit/s. Introduction of new connection technologies, for instance connection technologies based on optical fibre, has increased the number of high-speed internet connections in Finnish households. High-speed internet connections would be available also on a wider basis, but the users have not yet discovered the benefits and the better services that they provide. The demand for high-speed internet connections will probably speed up in the years to come.

Growing data transfer speeds enrich the use of the internet. The consumers who have acquired a high-speed broadband connection with the data transmission speed at least 24 Mbit/s, use the connection much more often for watching videos and television, remote work, listening to music, playing computer and console games as well as online downloads.

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