Large slice of telecom operators' turnover into investments

In 2010, telecom operators with activities in Finland spent as much as 13 per cent of their turnover or 600 million euros on investments. The majority of this, 540 million euros, was spent on telecom networks, especially on fixed telecom network. The combined turnover of telecom operators was some EUR 4.8 billion in 2010.

Broadband subscription range keeps growing

The number of data transfer subscriptions in the mobile network with a monthly fee grew to a nearly three million in the beginning of 2011. However, nearly half of the mobile subscriptions had some sort of a data transfer restriction. For example, a subscription's data transfer speed is restricted when the subscription has received a certain number of gigabytes. The number of unrestricted mobile broadband subscriptions totalled 1.8 million in late June, which is 12 per cent more than at the end of 2010. The rapid growth of mobile broadband connections does not seem to have influenced the number of fixed internet connections, which reached almost 1.6 million.

Turning point in call services

The early 2011 witnessed a turning point in call services as an average mobile call lasted, for the first time, longer than a corresponding land-line call. Mobile calls have become longer each year, whereas land-line calls have become shorter.

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