Continued growth in telecoms operators' investments

n 2011, telecommunications operators with activities in Finland invested a total of €670 million - about €40 million more than the year before. The majority of the investments were made in telecommunications, and more than half the investments made in telecommunications were in the fixed telecoms network.
Telecoms operators' investment rate or the share of investments of turnover has been on the rise for a few years. In 2011, the investment rate rose to 13.7%. The increase from the previous year was 0.6 percentage points.

The combined turnover of telecoms operators with activities in Finland was about €4.9 billion in 2011. However, the overall turnover of telecoms operators stayed at somewhat the same level as the year before. Telecommunications accounted for about 80% of the telecoms operators turnover.

Majority of telecoms turnover comes from mobile networks

In 2011, more than half of the telecoms turnover came from mobile networks, the rest from the fixed network and TV and radio operations. Compared to the previous year, the telecommunications turnover fell by more than 1%. However, the turnover of TV and radio operations - such as content, IPTV and transmission services, grew by a total of 10%.

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