Consumer prices of telecommunications services continued in steady decline

The overall price level of consumer prices in telecommunications decreased in 2010 by over three per cent. Considering the rise in general consumer prices, the real price level fell by almost five per cent.

Prices of mobile broadband services continue to drop

The popularity of mobile broadband services soared and price competition was tight. The price level in mobile data transmission services as a whole decreased by nearly a fifth in 2010 mainly due to mobile broadbands. The prices for mobile voice and messaging services dropped by nearly three per cent. Prices have continued to drop in a slightly slower pace than during the last years. Mobile network services accounted for two thirds of all the money spent on telecom services, which was slightly more than last year.

The price level of fixed-line voice services rose by nearly eight per cent. As in the previous years, the popularity of these services kept on declining which was one of the main reasons for the increased price level. The price level of fixed-line data transmission services, mostly fixed-line broadband services, dropped by over three per cent.

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