Moderate development of telecoms service tariff prices in recent years

On the basis of data collected from telecoms operators' public price tariffs, the prices of mobile phone calls and text messages have remained the same in the recent years in Finland, whereas the prices of data transfer services have fallen and fixed telephone call prices have risen.
In practice, the prices in telecoms operators' price lists are often higher than what consumers actually pay, because they do not include fixed term offers. Also, price lists are updated less frequently than consumer prices.

In the Greater Helsinki area, fixed broadband subscriptions are clearly less expensive than in other big cities, for example. However, the price differences between different areas have become smaller during the past twelve months. International comparison shows that the prices of broadband subscriptions in Finland are close to the Nordic average.

Telecoms operators' price lists are not a good source for the price comparison of mobile data transfer services, because competition in this product group is largely based on offers and package deals. However, telecoms operators' revenues reveal that consumers are making less expensive mobile broadband subscription deals, although no major changes have taken place in the price lists in the past couple of years.

Key words: Internet , Telephone , Tariffs , Statistics , Surveys

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