Use of postal services diversifying

Instead of postal service points, traditional postal services are increasingly often provided in shops and kiosks. At the same time, new forms of service are created to meet the needs of customers. The latest examples include automated parcel terminals and electronic mailboxes.

New service methods give consumers more flexibility in using postal services and enable postal operators to enhance their operations. New forms of service are indeed needed because the use of traditional postal service points is decreasing and service point maintenance costs per customer are increasing.

The majority or 52% of Finns use services at a postal service point only a couple of times a year or even less often. Only less than 10% of people use services at a postal service point at least once a week. The use of postal service points is the most active outside big cities. According to survey respondents, there are hardly any barriers to using postal service points.

The main reasons why consumers use postal service points include sending items of correspondence and parcels and receiving parcels. The majority or 84% of consumers go to service points to pick up parcels. Some 55% of consumers visit postal service points to send items of correspondence and approximately 48% of consumers to send parcels. FICORA ensures the availability of services for sending items of correspondence and parcels and for receiving parcels by supervising compliance with the Postal Act.

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