Young people go online for the latest news

FICORA's last market review for the year 2011 examines how Finns use communications services. According to the review, the internet is the most important source of news for the young people. Older people like to watch their news on the television instead. For example, over 60 percent of Finns under 35 years of age watch or read the news mainly in the internet, whereas only a few percent of Finns over 65 of age years go online for news.
The young people also communicate with one another in ways that are more versatile than those used by older people. Youngsters use not only phones, but also instant messaging and social media. The young are increasingly using online communications services whereas older people are more comfortable with the traditional ways of communication.

Online viewing gains ground - traditional TV still more popular

The traditional television still has a strong standing in Finland although many Finns maintain that they nowadays watch traditional TV less than before. Respectively, online viewing is fast becoming more and more popular. Online viewing is popular particularly among the members of the youngest age groups, and the youngest consider the internet very important when it comes to watching audiovisual contents.
The two factors affecting the popularity of online viewing are the age of the viewer and the characteristics of the internet connection being used. Consumers who have high-speed internet connections watch more videos and television broadcasting online. On the other hand, not everyone considers high-speed connections necessary.

Key words: Internet , Television , Statistics , Surveys


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