Online videos draw internet users of all ages

Nearly 80% of Finnish internet users use the internet to watch audiovisual (AV) content or moving images and sound. The most common form of content watched online is short video clips, but 55% of internet users also use the internet to watch content similar to TV programmes.

Watching AV content on the internet is clearly more common among the younger than the older age groups. However, as many as two out of three internet users aged 65 years or older watch some forms of AV content online and slightly less than a half of the age group use the internet to watch content similar to TV programmes. A computer is clearly the most common device used for watching AV content online.

Overall, however, watching television in real time is still the most popular way to consume AV content. Approximately 80% of internet users watch television. Watching television is equally common in all age groups.

Number of IPTV subscriptions growing fast

In addition to watching contents on the internet, a broadband connection may be used for receiving television broadcasts using IPTV technology. For consumers, IPTV is a method for receiving TV broadcasts parallel to terrestrial and cable TV reception. In mid-2012, there were a total of 226,000 IPTV subscriptions in Finland.

Using the internet to buy AV content or watch purchased content is still rather rare: only 14% of people who watch AV content on the internet have bought such content. The most common purchases included individual movies or sports event broadcasts. Buying AV content on the internet was most common among men who are 25 to 44 years old.

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