Urban broadband connections faster and more affordable

Big city dwellers are more likely to have fast internet connections than those living in other municipalities. The fastest connections are found in the Greater Helsinki area. City dwellers, especially the young, pay considerably less for their internet connection. The information is based on FICORA's market review on the consumers' use of broadband connections in 2011.

More than 40% of those living in the Greater Helsinki area have a fast, fixed-line broadband connection installed in their homes. Respectively, 30 per cent of those living in other large cities have a fast connection, and more than 20 per cent of households outside the big cities have a fast internet connection. Big city dwellers pay approximately 25 euros for fast internet connections per month, which is a fifth less than those living elsewhere in Finland pay. In large cities, there is more variety in the supply of fast, fixed-line internet connections, and competition over customers keeps the prices down. A fast connection, reaching 8 megabytes per second, enables the watching of TV programmes over the internet, for example.

Mobile broadband grows in popularity

In 2011, increasingly more Finns acquired a mobile broadband connection. Currently, every second broadband household has mobile broadband. The majority of mobile broadband connections were acquired by households who already had a fixed broadband connection. Therefore, FICORA estimates that the growth potential of mobile broadband connections is the greatest in households where it is used alongside with another connection. It is hardly likely that internet users will give up on their fixed connection and would depend on mobile broadband alone - although the cost of mobile broadband is much less than that of fixed broadband.

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