'Accessibility considered' seal

FICORA’s MONITORi service achieved the 'Accessibility considered' seal in November 2016. A website which has achieved the seal has especially accommodated:

  • users with visual or hearing impairments
  • users with motoric or cognitive limitations
  • seniors.

The accessibility seal is valid for three years but it commits website providers to consider accessibility issues also in future. Read more about the ‘Accessibility considered’ seal on the website of the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (in Finnish). 

Assessment procedure

Adage Oy's experts performed an accessibility assessment of the service in early 2016. During autumn 2016, FICORA fixed the majority of the issues identified in the accessibility assessment.

Scope of assessment

The service consists of a map view and a near-by area view which is in text format. The main content of the service is available in the near-by area view. As a result of this and the limitations of the implementation platform of the map view, the map view was excluded from the scope of the actual seal, although it was also fixed on the basis of the accessibility assessment. The assessment covered the following use cases:

  • Searching for information in the near-by area view, navigating to the near-by area view from the front page of the service and from ficora.fi.

Findings and measures

The findings were divided into four categories depending on their priority. The findings were classified as follows:

  • 2 very important
  • 10 important
  • 9 moderate
  • 2 low

Below is a list of the findings classified as very important and important as well as related corrective measures:

Navigation to the service from ficora.fi

Very important: Keyboard navigation does not work beyond the search field when navigating to MONITORi service regardless of whether the user uses predictive text or types the entire search text. Furthermore, 'Go' as a name of the button is not very informative.

  • Measure: The navigation was implemented using a direct navigation link with a brief service description instead of a search field.

Important: The search field leading to MONITORi service does not have a label element or title attribute that would describe the purpose as well as the intended form and content of the input.

  • Measure: The navigation was implemented using a direct navigation link with a brief service description instead of a search field.

Important: Without JavaScript, the navigation button and the search do not seem to work at all. However, no clear error message appears.

  • Measure: The navigation was implemented using a direct navigation link with a brief service description instead of a search field.

MONITORi service: general

Important: The website does not even load if JavaScript is disabled. No clear error message appears.

  • Measure: An error message informing that the site requires JavaScript has been added. The message appears if JavaScript is disabled.

Important: The search fields in both views of the service lack a label element or title attribute that would describe the purpose as well as the intended form and content of the input. Taking the specific nature of the service into account, it is not obvious what should be typed into the search field.

  • Measure: A title attribute has been added because there is no suitable location for a label element.

Important: The map view, which used to be the front page of the service, does not provide a clear description of the contents. Besides a general usability problem, it is also an accessibility issue affecting how the service is understood and how the search field leading to the near-by area view, which is more accessible than the map view, is used.

  • Measure: A separate front page with a brief description of the service was created. In addition, brief service descriptions were added to the header of the map view and near-by area view.

MONITORi service: near-by area view

Very important: The links expanding the accordion elements cannot be used in either level by keyboard navigation. It must be ensured that the links work in keyboard navigation.

  • Measure: The links were fixed and keyboard navigation may now be used.

Important: Navigation to the map view is somewhat hidden and it cannot be reached by keyboard navigation. Furthermore, the name of the link is slightly unclear.

  • Measure: A link was added to the top part of the service that enables navigation between the map view and the near-by area view.

Important: There are quite a few links on the page with link texts that do not describe the purpose of the link unambiguously, e.g.: 'Yes' links in 'Answer the questions concerning your area' section, several links named 'Coverage maps in the area' in different sections, links in the text content of 'Broadband and telephone' section and 'Kaikki televisiosta' link in the TV services section. The link texts must be reviewed in order to make them easy to understand.

  • Measure: The link texts were updated to make them easier to understand. Icons were added next to external links that indicate that these links open in a new tab/window.

Important: Heading 'Answer the questions concerning your area' is very difficult to understand. Furthermore, any answers in this section cannot be cancelled or edited. The heading must be clarified and answers must be editable.

  • Measure: The heading is changed to 'Give feedback on the communication services in your area'. The feedback function was developed further by adding 3 alternative answers instead of one as well as by increasing the amount of instructions and information about answers provided by others. In order to keep the compilation of statistics simple, it is still not possible to edit the answers. It has been noted that the form elements used in this survey are not optimal in terms of accessibility. However, this content is secondary in relation to the purpose of the service.

Important: Mobile broadband speeds and telephone service types are represented in the form of icons in the title bars. The only feature distinguishing the available selection from other icons is the colour (blue). There are no clarifying captions. All information is not available in other formats.

  • Measure: These icons were removed altogether and the information is provided in a clearer manner.

Important: The heading structure on the page is unclear: Using 'MONITORi' as an H1 heading is not very informative and the rest of the headings are H2 headings with H4 headings nested in some of them - furthermore, there are no headings in the lower level accordions. Heading structure must be clarified and all headings must use H elements. Nested headings must be fixed.

  • Measure: The heading structure was clarified.

Findings that were classified as low or moderate were also taken into account in the service development.

Feedback on MONITORi service and related accessibility issues may be sent via the contact form.

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Updated 29.11.2016

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