About the MONITORi service

The FICORA MONITORi service contains information about the availability and functionality of the internet, telephone, TV and radio.

At the initial stage, the service will offer information on disruptions in telephone, broadband, TV and radio connections. By 2015, the service will be extended and enhanced to cover even other information on communications services, such as the regional availability and quality information on broadband subscriptions.

Severe disruptions placed on map

At the initial stage, the MONITORi service will offer information on such severe and very severe disruptions (A and B class disruptions) in telephone, broadband, TV and radio connections reported to FICORA by telecoms operators. For example, disruptions are severe when they prevent the use of communications services from tens or even hundreds of thousands of users, or when the uniform geographical effect of the fault or disturbance is very significant. Low-impact disruptions (C class) are placed on the service with delay. However, they can be viewed in the service later from the browser history. The service interruptions announced by telecoms operators are also placed on the service.

Ongoing disruptions will be automatically shown on the map by colour symbols and written notices. Disruptions and service notices can be searched from the service by address, telecoms operator and service, and outdated disruptions can be viewed from the browser history later.

Many network disruptions are short-lasting and low-impact. Telecoms operators offer detailed information on disruptions on their websites.

The idea is to develop the MONITORi service further. For this purpose, user experience and development suggestions are also being collected. You are welcome to give feedback and submit development suggestions via the feedback form. In the beginning, the service is available in Finnish only.

For more precise information on the severity classification of faults and disturbances see FICORA´s Regulation no. 66 on disturbances in telecommunications services.

Please try out the service. All development suggestions are also welcome.

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Updated 08.01.2015

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