Auction provisions

Information Society Code

The Information Society Code contains provisions on issuing licences through an auction process.

The Information Society Code (917/2014)

Government decree on spectrum auction and licence conditions

On 6 October 2016, the Government adopted a decree on issuing licences in the 700 MHz band through an auction process. The Government invited applications for the licences on 10 October 2016.

Valtioneuvoston asetus radiotaajuuksien huutokaupasta [pdf, 89 KB] (in Finnish)

Invitation to apply for licences [pdf, 287 KB]
On 21 June 2016, the Ministry of Transport and Communications invited comments on the Government decree on spectrum auction, on amendments to the Government decree on radio spectrum use and frequency allocation plan as well as on the invitation to apply for operating licences.

Request for comments (in Finnish)

FICORA Regulation M64

Under the Information Society Code, FICORA a may issue further regulations on the process and procedures applied in the auction. The regulations may relate to registration and rules of the auction, for instance.

FICORA issued Regulation M64A on 10 October 2016. Explanatory notes MPS64A for the Regulation explain the objectives of the Regulation and specify the related provisions of law. The explanatory notes contain examples on how the Regulation is applied in practice. Registration for the 700 MHz band auction starts on 10 October 2016 and ends on 7 November 2016 at 4.15 p.m. (GMT +3).

Regulation 64 A [pdf, 307 KB] (unofficial translation)

Explanations and applications of regulation (updated) [pdf, 600 KB] (unofficial translation)

FICORA's Regulation 64A on auctioning of the 703–733 MHz and 758–788 MHz bands was submitted for comments on 21 June 2016.

Request for comments [pdf, 25 KB]

Draft regulation [pdf, 114 KB]

Explanatory notes to the Regulation [pdf, 230 KB]

The following comments were submitted by the deadline (15 August 2016):

Lausunto Digita Oy [pdf, 105 KB]
Lausunto DNA Oy [pdf, 105 KB]
Lausunto Elisa Oyj [pdf, 18 KB]
Lausunto Intel [pdf, 253 KB]
Lausunto Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto [pdf, 57 KB]
Lausunto SATU [pdf, 108 KB]
Lausunto Sähköherkät ry I [pdf, 322 KB]
Lausunto Sähköherkät ry II [pdf, 374 KB]
Lausunto TeliaSonera Finland Oyj [pdf, 56 KB]
Lausunto Tuotos [pdf, 195 KB]
Lausunto Valtiovarainministeriö [PDF, 36 KB]

Radio licence conditions

After the operating licence round, FICORA will grant radio licences to the holders of the operating licences. Radio licences contain technical conditions that comply with EU legislation on the 700 MHz band. The technical licence conditions and their annexes also take into account other international agreements regulating the use of frequencies in the 700 MHz band.

Radio licence conditions (updated) [pdf, 419 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 1 [pdf, 212 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 2 [pdf, 616 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 3 [pdf, 81 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 4 [pdf, 126 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 5 (updated) [pdf, 959 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 6 [pdf, 1007 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 7 [pdf, 151 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 8 [pdf, 146 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 9 [pdf, 63 KB]

Radio licence conditions, Annex 11 [pdf, 115 KB]

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