Auctioning of the 3410–3800 MHz band

The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced that the operating licences for commercial use of the 3410–3800 MHz frequency band will be auctioned. FICORA is responsible for the practical arrangements of the auction.

As the auction proceeds, this website will be updated with related information.


On May 23, 2018, FICORA published a request for comments on FICORA Regulation M64B and the related explanatory notes on the auctioning of the 3410–2800 MHz band. Comments were also requested on the technical licence conditions for radio licences granted for the band.

The deadline for submitting comments is June 25, 2018. Comments are submitted via the online service maintained by the Ministry of Justice.

Auction provisions and comments

Provisions and comments concerning the auction can be found on a dedicated website at: Auction provisions and comments. The website also has a link to the government project service (Hankeikkuna).

Auction model

The auction is a so-called SMRA auction (simultaneous multiround auction), which means that all 3410-3800 MHz frequency bands are auctioned at the same time. The auction is carried out electronically over the internet.


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News and press releases on the auction:

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Updated 23.05.2018

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