Frequencies subject to licence

The demand for frequencies allocated to television and radio broadcasting and mobile communications exceeds the supply. Therefore, a radio licence for using such frequencies requires a separate broadcasting licence.

Frequencies subject to a licence and the use of the frequencies are determined in a government decree. The following frequencies are reserved for uses that require a licence:

AM radio broadcasting
FM radio broadcasting
TV broadcasting
148.5―283.5 kHz 87.5–108 MHz 174–230 MHz
526.5―1606.5 kHz
470–790 MHz
2300―2498 kHz

3200―3400 kHz

3950―4000 kHz
5950―6200 kHz
7100―7300 kHz
9500―9900 kHz
11650―12050 kHz
13600―13800 kHz
15100―15600 kHz
17550―17900 kHz
21450―21850 kHz
25670―26100 kHz
GSM mobile communication and 3G mobile communication using UMTS, LTE and Wimax technologies Provision of electronic communications services
880–915 MHz 703–788 MHz
925–960 MHz 791–821 MHz
1710–1785 MHz 832–862 MHz
1805–1880 MHz 2500–2690 MHz

3410–3590 MHz
3600–3800 MHz

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Updated 05.05.2017

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