Radio interference and supervision

Risk of radio interference

Non-compliant devices that, for example, have excessive radiated power or operate on wrong frequencies may cause a risk of interference to other users of radio equipment. At worst, a flight control or video transmitter of RPA using mobile network frequencies may, for example, prevent an emergency call from connecting to the telecom operator's network, which may have serious consequences. Non-compliant devices using WLAN frequencies may interfere with wireless internet connections or weather radars in the area.

FICORA supervises the use of radio spectrum and investigates radio interference. FICORA may take a device causing interference for examination. In clear cases of offence, FICORA files a request for an investigation with the police.

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Notify FICORA about radio interference

Joint European surveillance campaign

FICORA is responsible for the surveillance of the radio equipment market in Finland. FICORA carries out annual surveillance campaigns targeted at selected equipment groups. If clear non-compliances are found, FICORA may prohibit the equipment from being sold and imported.

In 2015, the joint European radio equipment market surveillance campaign was targeted at remotely piloted aircraft systems. The devices examined by FICORA had clear non-compliances, causing a risk of interference to other users of radio equipment. FICORA prohibited the sales and import of the non-compliant models.

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Updated 20.05.2016

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