Channels subject to licence and used throughout Finland for radiotelephones in lifting control

Common channels (tx=rx):

442.850 MHz
442.875 MHz
442.900 MHz
442.925 MHz
442.950 MHz
442.975 MHz

A radio licence must be acquired when using radio transmitters operating in these channels.

FICORA complies with the following principles when granting licences:

  • the channels are intended to be used only for communication intended for lifting control in connection with professional, trade or business operations;
  • the channels are granted for use throughout Finland;
  • the channels are in common use;
  • the channels are allowed only for mobile radio telephones;
  • the channels are allowed only for speech transmission;
  • the radiated power of the radio telephones operating in these channels must not exceed 1 W (ERP);
  • the channel width is 25 kHz;
  • the licence is granted for all six channels;
  • the radio transmitters that are used must comply with the requirements.

Key words: Spectrum , Licences

Updated 06.10.2017

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